Gardening Angel Talks to Angel Lady


Sunday Times Best Selling author, Jacky Newcomb describes herself as a Paranormal Experience Expert.    She confesses cheerfully, “When I started my first book, over 10 years ago, I still wasn’t absolutely sure about the paranormal […]

Berry Good for the Birds


To provide natural food for the birds, plant honeysuckle, ivy and hawthorn in your garden or hedgerow.  The adult birds will enjoy the berries whilst the plants also attract insects that will provide food for […]

Life’s a Beach … Seaside Gardening


I spent a lovely day in Pembrokeshire last week, advising a couple on a planting scheme for their beautiful cliff top garden.  Although the benefits are usually stunning views, seaside gardening has challenges of its […]

Kate Humble Goes Gardening


Nature loving writer and TV presenter Kate Humble, has fond memories of being brought up in the countryside.  “We lived next door to a farm and had a really chaotic garden,” she recalls.  “You couldn’t […]

Radio 2’s Lynn Bowles Goes Green


BBC Radio 2 presenter, Lynn Bowles got half way through her practical year studying agriculture before she realised it wasn’t for her. “It wasn’t because of the bad weather or anything”,  she says adamantly.  “Being […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green


Star of BBC’s “It isn’t Easy Being Green”, James Strawbridge, surprised me a little by confessing he’s always wanted to be a Landscape Gardener. “I’d love your job”, he enthuses.  “I have always been into […]

Bloomin’ Marvellous


Most of the week was spent judging Blaenau Gwent in Bloom.  A fabulous honour and lovely to meet so many enthusiastic and clever gardeners but not an easy task, I can assure you.  I saw […]

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