Wiki-Leeks with Dylan Jones

6a01156fa075f4970c014e8a5350c1970dEditor of British GQ and journalist, Dylan Jones is obviously bemused by the question, ‘Are you a keen gardener?’

He replies, “I have the least green fingers of anyone I’ve ever met.  My wife spends all weekend in the garden  and she can apparently grow anything and everything that she tries to.  She has a great  vegetable garden and my only involvement is that I am regularly sent out to pick leeks.  I enjoy cooking and I cook every weekend so I have learned to include leeks in everything I cook. Well, everything apart from desserts, although I’ve often thought about mixing them with rhubarb.”

“I am forever being reminded that I’m very lucky as what I am eating is completely organic. Which, as long as whatever it is, is accompanied by a good red wine, is perfectly OK with me.”

Although the refreshingly wry writer, who has a weekly column in the Mail on Sunday’s LIVE magazine,  obviously finds the pen mightier than the spade, he does confess to enjoying ‘boys toys’. “I don’t do much in the garden, except pick leeks, but I do  content myself with bits of kit I keep in the shed. I’ve got a strimmer which I foolishly think makes me look like the bass player in the Clash, a chainsaw, a splitting wedge, a bow saw, and my latest toy, a saw horse. My father bought this for me a few months ago, and I have to say I’ve got more use out of it than almost anything else I’ve ever owned. Apart from a Hot Wheels track I had when I was about ten.”

Having absolutely no plans to create his own Tiny Holding, Dylan, nonetheless made a slightly surprising confession, “I love pigs.  The house is full of pig paraphernalia, but I wouldn’t want to actually own one.” He adds quickly, “Who needs pigs when you have children?”

Despite not being into animal husbandry or gardening, the author enjoys being outdoors, “We live in Powys, not far from Hay, and it really is the most beautiful place in the world.  We have a black mountain behind us  so I tell most people it’s in our back garden, and we try and climb it as often as possible. The best walk is from Hay Bluff, all along the ridge, and down to the local pub. It takes over four hours, but is always worth it. I went on a six hour hike with some army friends a few months ago, and the weather was so bad that we spent all day walking in cloud. But nothing matters when you have a ham sandwich and a Twix to keep you company.”

“I do look forward to the weekends; on Saturdays we tend to visit Booth’s in Hay, which has a fabulous new café. And on Sunday we’ll go to the River Café in Glasbury, which has the best food, the best views and the best service in the area.”

I wonder if they serve leeks?

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