The Commonwealth Games Blossom

6a01156fa075f4970c0133f4d7196b970bStarting today and running for two weeks, the Commonwealth Games in Delhi has been recognised as the first ever ‘Green Commonwealth Games’ but did you know that the capital actually lost thousands of trees to make way for new roads, flyovers, rail construction and other projects that are related to the Games and consequently the Government have brought in well over a million potted plants and shrubs to replace the greenery around specific venues.

New Delhi Municipal Corporation horticulture director Subhash Chandra said, “We have planted herbs, shrubs, herbaceous plants, foliage plants, ground cover and shrubs to enhance the greenery part during the Commonwealth Games and perennials that can last five to six years”.

Unfortunately, the numerous holes dug randomly to accommodate these plants, in an effort to “beautify” the Indian capital, contributed to an outbreak of dengue fever; the holes were left unfilled, stagnant water collected and mosquitos bred in their millions.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport’s new Terminal 3 building, has also undergone major landscaping as it will become the world’s third largest passenger terminal after Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3 and Beijing International Airport’s Terminal 3.

“Over 350 different varieties of plants and trees have been used for the external landscaping and nearly 300 varieties for the indoor landscaping; approximately one million plants have been used for this project alone,” said a Delhi International Authority Limited (DIAL) official.   “There are around 39 kinds of trees, 26 types of plants, 86 varieties of shrubs, 6 types of cacti have been planted to enhance 70 acres outside the Terminal and 10,000 square meter inside the terminal building. The idea is to create an environment that makes people feel good before or after they have travelled.”


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