Talking Mind, Body and Soil with Perry Haldenby

6a01156fa075f4970c014e86dd1ae0970dJust a few years ago Perry Haldenby was a dedicated body builder who owned a couple of cocktail bars, enjoyed eating red meat and by his own admission, “had no real awareness of life on any level.”

Today he is a raw food expert who meditates and practises yoga every day, is 25 kg lighter and is studying biodynamic gardening.  He explains, “I just got to the stage where I felt rubbish all the time, so I quit the late nights, the gym and the night clubs and looked for alternative ways to live.”

“I read about fasting and started my journey with a 7 day water fast; I was surprised that just after one week I didn’t want to eat meat anymore.  I read up about vegetarianism and kept coming across articles and books by Gabriel Cousens who was pioneering raw foods.  Inspired, I went to Arizona and trained with him to become a Spiritual Life Food Instructor.  I learned how to prepare gourmet raw food meals and also a lot about growing our food.  I was living the experience and learning through osmosis, we did lots of meditation and yoga.  It’s a complete lifestyle, not just a diet.  You have to take more responsibility for yourself.”

It was eating raw food that led Perry into biodynamic gardening.  “I knew I needed my food to be rich in minerals

and growing veg is all about preparation of the soil.  Most soil is depleted of essential minerals.  Biodynamic gardening is a step up from organic gardening, using cosmic and planetary forces.  There is a whole calendar which maps out the best time to sow seeds and when to harvest them.”

If you are keen to find out how to feel fitter, maintain a steady weight and improve energy levels, then Perry has the following advice, “start by introducing big leafy salads to your meals, the more green stuff you eat the more your body wants.  Greens are important, they will reawaken your cells; they’ll recognise and appreciate the extra minerals and just want more.  You will naturally start to choose healthier eating options.  The food we eat also has a huge impact on our emotions.  I recently had a big night out with friends, and ate cooked food and drank coffee for the first time in ages. I felt really out of sorts the next day and just not myself, it was a nice reminder.   It’s all about tuning in and listening to your body and what it needs.  It’s also important not to be too hard on yourself.  I live my life to express my truth and that includes forgiveness.”

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