Stay Stress-free

6a01156fa075f4970c0133f5883e48970bToday, November 3rd is National Stress Awareness Day and this year’s theme is ‘Start Living – Stop Stressing’.

As you can see in the photo, not only does my little Westie, Yogi, help me to swerve stress but she is immune to it herself!

There is no shortage of statistics to show gardening is also a good way to alleviate stress although it’s not actually gardening itself that’s relaxing but how you approach it.  You can choose to make it stressful by seeing it as a chore or you can use your garden to wind down and relax.  Focussing on specific projects like weeding and pruning will help take your mind off more stressful thoughts and worries and strenuous activities like digging or chopping wood also help get rid of tension and aggression.

But you don’t always have to work in your garden either, remember just a  little walk around, enjoying the flowers and birds, will also calm frayed nerves.  And I couldn’t agree more with this fabulous quote, “To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.” ~  Milan Kundera

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