Plot Twist

Taken from Lynne’s weekly column ‘Green Scene’ for the Western Mail. 6th January 2018 

Happy New Year to you all; I love a friend’s new year’s advice, “Take last year’s resolution, reword it, yell ‘Plot Twist’, and then roll it back out.”

Apparently it is best to write your resolutions down; if something is in writing, you are 27% more likely to achieve it.

So if that’s the case, I figure that writing them down and then getting them published must raise those odds even more – so, purely in the interests of science, here goes.

I am going to ensure that my film (taken from my autobiography, Barefoot and Before) is actually made!  We are scheduled to start shooting from the middle of March and have a crew in place.  All I need now is funding – friendly, supportive, generous investors.  I resolutely commit to finding and attracting those – like a flower attracting a pollinator!

The film is called Wildflower and the message is that, like wild flowers, you must allow yourself to grow and flourish in all the places people never thought you would. Writing Barefoot and Before took a great deal of courage, or rather publishing it did!  And similarly, writing and sharing the screenplay has too, but I have been lucky enough to find inspiration and reassurance when I have needed it and I hope that the film will ‘en-courage’ others to be brave and to take responsibility and accountability for their own thoughts, actions and lives. And to know that we are all deserving of great things.

am going to trust more.  Trust that the right things will happen, the right people will turn up (see above) and that everything is just ‘perfect’ just as it is.  I love the advice of a fellow ‘Course in Miracle’s’ friend, “God didn’t bring you this far just to drop you on your ar*e.” In the autumn, I am always impressed by the trees shedding their leaves, confident that they will re-clothe themselves the following year. Such confidence in nudity (and vulnerability) is awesome!  We can learn so much from nature.  You only have to see buddleia growing in gutter, or chimney on a four-storey building; an acorn turning into an oak tree and grass pushing up through an old tarmac drive. I have a reputation for being tenacious, and I think that trust is probably tenacity in working clothes.

I am going to enjoy things more. I assume the above resolution will enable this one. I love my life but often find that I am living it through a curtain of anxiety.  If left unchecked, that anxiety grows into debilitating doubts and indecision and that makes life ‘sticky’ and more difficult than it need be.  It is important to laugh. On average children laugh 300 times a day whilst adults only manage about 10 – and I think that’s optimistic in some cases. I was always that girl who would burst out laughing when remembering something that happened yesterday.  I am going to reclaim that trait.  Laughter is a bit like a windscreen wiper, it won’t stop the rain but it does mean you can keep going.

I am going to continue my Transcendental Meditation  – it works.  When I am disciplined enough to meditate regularly, life is indeed free-flowing and infinitely more enjoyable.  I still fall into the trap of believing that I don’t have the time to ‘sit still’ but ironically, the more that I commit meditation, the more time I seem to have.  And the less anxious I am; and the more focussed I become. So simply applying this resolution will ensure all the others.

See how simple it is – and the benefits of writing it down?  Instantly improved clarity, focus, and positivity. The dictionary defines resolution as, ‘A firm decision to do or not to do something, ’ but interestingly, I see ‘re-solution’. So I like to think of resolutions as re-solutions, or simply continuing to explore solutions.

So, on that note, if you, or anyone you know, are interested in investing in a locally made film, based on a true story and with an optimistic outcome surrounding mental health, do please get in touch! There are also great tax benefits, so I’m told.

So I hope 2018 is good for you all and if you’re struggling to come up with your own resolutions I’ll leave you with a friend’s list, which made me laugh:

1.     Stop making lists.

b.      Be more consistent.

7.     Learn to count.

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