My ‘Hap-bee’ Week

The three little pigs are settling in well and seem to be as ‘happy as pigs in, you know what’.

I had a bit of a panic when one had a huge bright red, blood-like streak down its side one morning but it turned out she had simply slept on a strawberry that I had given as a treat.

I have put my broad beans in and also a row of Swiss chard (I love the colours of ‘Bright Lights’), radish and beetroot.  I have also sown a row of Salsify although I have grown or even tasted it.  It is supposed to taste like both asparagus and oysters which sounds great.  I may be a little early with these sowings but always like to have a go at harvesting earlier crops.  I’ll sow another row toward the end of April as a back-up.   By all means follow gardening books, magazines and local advice but also be brave enough to experiment a bit too, Mother Nature likes a trier!

6a01156fa075f4970c0133f52f2bd8970bEnjoyed my visit to the Welsh Beekeepers Association Convention at the Royal Welsh Showground although I must admit I felt a little bit like a fish out of water – everyone else seemed to be ‘buzzing’ about knowing exactly what they were doing and looking for.  Never mind, I hope to fit in a bit more at next years convention having had a bit more experience and having been ‘mentored’ by the ever-patient and oh-so wise ‘bee master’, Alan Brown.

Lynne Allbutt- From the Archive.

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