Keeping Busy with Sarah Beeny

6a01156fa075f4970c01675fce38d1970bProperty expert and TV presenter Sarah Beeny is really enjoying her Festive break.  She explains, “The last nine months have been so busy, I have been working hard on two new websites and have been filming for three TV series at the same time. I’ve been looking forward to some down time to take stock and just catch up. I love the simple life so have just been chilling out with friends and eating and drinking a lot.

“I love being outdoors; as a kid I was always outside making tracks, building camps and climbing trees and try and make sure my four boys have that sort of upbringing too.  I believe that boys need to be run hard and fed well, like dogs, to keep well.

“Actually our dog is far less trouble than the boys,” she adds, “Daisy is a miniature dachshund and when the kids go off dog walking they always carry her; I often wonder what the point is but leave them to it.

The straight talking,  hardworking  entrepreneur continues, “I love gardening, especially now I’ve reached middle age but the trouble is it all gets so difficult if you don’t keep on top of it.  I start off with great gusto but then go away working and come back to find everything has died or gone to seed.  I will do more when I retire, though that’s not going to be any time soon.”

And the property developer has a surprising confession with regard to her own house hunting. “We actually bought our house in South London just because of the garden. It’s a lovely cottage garden that’s been beautifully planted and we loved it so much we said ‘yes’ before even going into the house.  We just made the house fit us.”

Matching things up and making them fit is another of Sarah’s strong points.  Her own ingenious  online match-making site  is hugely successful and she describes it as the ‘ibuprofen for internet dating’.   “I was notorious for setting my friends up and realised it makes sense to get your friends to describe you and pair you off rather than have to do all that cringey stuff yourself.”

She continues, “Similarly, on my other website,  which is an alternative way to buy, sell or let your property and is free, I have created a Services Directory  which puts people offering any kind of property service in touch with people who need them.  We can provide the UK’s leading suppliers of anything and everything related to property and gardens, at your fingertips.”

No wonder she’s enjoying her Christmas break!  Find out more at

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