In between the Olympics and Paralympics, meet the Olym-pigs

Pig crop

In between the Olympics and the Paralympics, I am delighted to introduce the Olym-pigs.  I have the honour of looking after the three Gold medalists as they rest after their 'sizzling' performances at the 2012 Olympig Games in Lardon.  Meet track and field superstar Mo Farrow, World Champion pedalling pig Sir Chris Hog (Bradley Piggins left us sty and dry) and the fastest pig in the World, Usain Boar who will be trotting along to meet their fans and hog the limelight at Llangynidr Show on Sunday 26th August. 

The three Olym-pig-ians have built up quite a farrowing after appearing on numerous Pork Shows, meating the likes of Grunt Mitchell from Eastender’s and Top Gear’s Richard Gammon.
And they will be hamming it up next month with starring rolls in The Taming of the Sow, Hamlet and will even be making guest appearances on Celebrity Pig Brother.
We had heard that the British Hoggy Team would also be able to join us today but were disappointed to find out it was all hogwash and porkies. Someone squealed on them and they were scratched at the last minute. We hope it wasn’t too rasher decision!
Oh and in his usual hap-pig way, Usain Boar challenges you to say ‘beer can’ without it sounding like ‘bacon’ in a Jamaican accent!

I have also mown a Processional Labyrinth with David Goff Eveleigh for the Show so if I'm not doing Piggy Press with my mini pet pigs, you will find me at the Labyrinth at the entrance of the Show Ground. Come along and say Hello

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