Hap-pea Days – Bean Seed Sprouting

BroccoliSprouts1Last year I finally committed to being a vegetarian.  I had eaten very little meat for a long time and just felt that as animals actually provide a large part of my pleasure in life it seemed a nice gesture to stop eating them!  I’m not going to be a bore about it but have been intrigued by the amount of people who have said, “I’d love to be a vegetarian but don’t know how or where to start cooking without meat!”

Becoming a vegetarian has proved not to just be about ‘giving up’ meat, it is about learning a whole different way of cooking and shopping but like anything, the more you do it the easier it gets; and I must admit I have the added motivation of writing a down-to-earth Veggie Virgin cookbook.  As well as mastering more unusual dishes like nettle curry, I’ve also invested in a salad seed sprouter from  Nicky’s Nursery   Not only is it recommended by WHICH but Nicky also has a fabulous range of seeds suitable for sprouting which makes it easier to get started.  The website offers great advice as well as other must-have seeds and garden sundries.  You can also call on 01843 600972.

… from Lynne Allbutt’s Green Scene column for the Western Mail 7th Jan 2012

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