Green Scene – Interview with Philanthropist Kevin Green

Taken from Lynne’s weekly column ‘Green Scene’ for the Western Mail. 25th November 2017 
Green Scene

This week’s Green Scene column is very aptly titled following a great interview. This time my VIP was a ‘Very Impressive Philanthropist’, Kevin Green.

I read about the ‘proudly Welsh’ entrepreneur whilst researching for my latest book, in which I am exploring the secrets of motivation and how essential our thoughts and energy are to extending motivation into results.

With a reputation of being both self motivated and successful, I expected Kevin to be personable with a positive outlook, which he was, but what I didn’t expect was the strong emphasis he puts on personal responsibility for the creation of your immediate environment, as he told me, “I adhere to the three R’s – Respect yourself, Respect Others and Responsibility for Self.”

Kevin is well known as a Secret Millionaire (after his appearance on the Channel 4 programme) and a Wealth Coach.  And whilst you may think it’s easy to take personal responsibility for that level of success, what is surprising is that he also takes full responsibility for sleeping rough on the streets for 7 months aged 19.

“I left home after a row with my father. I was angry and headstrong at that age and slept under railway arches in a sleeping bag for seven months. It was totally self inflicted.’

It was that period of his life, interwoven with his sisters untimely death aged 20, that fanned an inner spark not to waste a second more of his life.

“Being homeless concentrated my mind. I had no money but I knew I had the possibility to do far better things with my life.”

So he decided to make some money, and it’s fair to say that he hasn’t stopped since.

Sowing the Seeds.

Far from following a conventional route into the world of finance, Kevin cut his own path. Not a big fan of academia, he managed a couple of dairy farms, won a Nuffield Scholarship, travelled the world and blagged meetings with Richard Branson and Bill Gates. His other mentors included a spirit guide that he sat next to on a mountain top and a gemmologist that he sat next to on a flight.

“I asked them all a lot of questions.”

In turn, I question his mind set; a positive one, surely?

“It’s far more than that. It’s all about energy. I have never studied meditation, positive thinking or any shamanic ways. I just live it all. I have always had the ability to know when certain things were going to happen. It’s just intuition – we can all do it but most don’t. I do it all the time.”

His coaching business is now the largest and most successful of it’s kind, and he continues. “It’s where we win over ‘in action’ coaching. Our coaches are all using their daily experiences to teach. They know what works because they have done it. If someone questions my methods, I just ask, ‘which one of us is the millionaire?’”

His affable manner ensures there is not a hint of arrogance in that retort, just another opportunity for the recipient to learn something.

Nurture growth.

I am renowned for my own belief in personal accountability and the fact that thoughts become things. I am passionate about ‘perception correction’, and learning to manage your thoughts. It’s essential, as it tunes you into the right ‘frequencies’ and opportunities. That enthusiasm bubbles over into our conversation and Kevin teases me about being chatty and excitable, adding, ‘It’s a good trait in journalism”.

I immediately correct him. “I not a journalist, I am a gardener who writes a column. It’s a totally different energy.”

He laughs at my indignation. “That’s OK, then.”

Budding entrepreneurs.

I also believe that most people are restricted by fear and the negative thoughts that fear evoke; so does Kevin have any fears?

“I don’t want to die with regrets. I do play it a bit safer these days; there are large risks that I don’t take. I don’t need to. I won’t risk putting my own kids on the street.”

And plans?

“Lots.” He laughs, “Most are personal so I’m not telling you those but professionally I am going to help turn a million people into millionaires before I retire. And I will die before I retire.”

So far, he has already coached 600 people to millionaire status.

Can anyone apply?

“You have to take a test and put a bit of money in. I can spot the ability, that spark. You have to have a spark to work with; you can’t light a wet fire. It’s back to energy.”

Following our interview, I attended a talk that Kevin gave. He is easy to listen to and generous with his advice. I was surprised when he also shared that he is not a natural speaker and is fundamentally quite shy.

“When I got my Nuffield Scholarship, I had to speak publically about the findings. I always want to be the best at what I do, so did some research into public speaking and got some help. Now I enjoy what it creates. I like the buzz and I like hearing the success stories.”

Possibly almost as much as I enjoyed the interview. Despite being chatty and excitable, I also listened hard and took notes. I quite fancy the idea of being the 601st of Kevin’s successes – after all I have the energy and enthusiasm in spades!

You can find out more about Kevin and his Wealth Creation Training programmes, including free training days here.

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  1. I too believe in instinct, life has taught me this, as a result of a severe RTA in 1988.
    BUT this instinct can be a difficulty to, when your health problems/disabilities are governed by a UK political party 🙁
    I am a member of the Green party, as I hope for change,but pain and difficulties can make those instincts a stick to beat yourself with 🙁 xx

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