Get Fit – Have Fun, Herb Appeal, Natty Nests & Mother Earth Day

Taken from Lynne’s weekly column ‘Green Scene’ for the Western Mail. 22nd April 2017

Get Fit, Have Fun

What a way to work off those Easter eggs! My latest ‘challenge’ has been to conquer my Kangoo Jumps. They are quite a ‘leap’ (and a ‘leap of faith’) from running barefoot across Wales and a whole lot of different kind of fun.

Kangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes, to give them their correct title, are the World’s lowest impact sports shoes, reducing the impact force to the ground by up to 80%. As such, they are marketed as being ideal for preventing joint injury, rehabilitation after sports injury and are an ideal way to get back into fitness if you have been suffering with joint problems but I have to be honest, they are also an excellent feel-good motivational way to exercise and one of the most effective ways I have found of toning legs, gluts and improving cardio fitness.

For fitness fanatics, like myself, it can be hard staying motivated as you exhaust one kind of training after another and I love the Kangoos for that reason – they are unlike any other form of exercise that I have tried.

They also improve the muscles you use to smile with, as I challenge anyone to use them without constantly grinning. With this in mind, they are also recommended for alleviating mild depression and lethargy. They are suitable for all ages, all terrains and all levels of fitness, and to be honest, I just adore them, they are so much fun.

People think that gardening keeps you fit – and it certainly is good for your health – but to be honest I think it is more important to keep fit, to be able to garden safely and cheerfully.

There are organised classes held throughout Wales or find out more from

Herb Appeal

It was an absolute delight to spend Easter weekend in my own garden. After getting 6 gardens all spruced up ready for clients in the week before, I was able to tackle a list of ‘things to do’ on my own patch, and took great joy in ticking them of the list.

And that’s the secret; Lists.

Whenever I see something that needs to be done, I add it to the list and then when I have a spare half hour, evening, day or weekend I can work my way through it without the feeling of overwhelm that just looking around the garden can induce.

The little greenhouse has been developed into a Herb House by my ever-patient partner. I use a lot of herbs in cooking and wanted space for the more tender varieties like coriander, basil, Vietnamese coriander and lemon verbena. So large tubs have been installed and sown with a healthy variety of herbs and a sprinkler system installed. That’s another ‘secret’, make watering easy, and it is more likely to get done.

So now, not only are we looking forward to harvesting our own herbs, but also to enjoying the incredible aroma that is going to permeate that part of the garden. Win-win.

Natty Nests

I was thrilled to see a little wren has set up home in an old metal jug that I squished into some ivy covering a shed at the cottage. If you place suitable items like that, around your garden, the chances are they will be utilised by the garden birds as they look for somewhere to nest. I remember Nan putting old metal teapots and the (now) old-fashioned whistling kettles into trees in the orchard when I was a kid. It drove my granddad nuts but the birds appreciated it.

Similarly, a friend has wedged some old walking boots under the rafters of a barn and two blue tits have set up home in those too. All you need is a bit of imagination and the ‘hwyl’ to do it and you will soon have your own alternative nests occupied and enjoyed.

Mother Earth Day

Today (Saturday), is International Mother Earth Day, and is celebrated to remind each of us that the Earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance and also recognizes a collective responsibility to promote harmony with nature and the Earth.

To be honest, whilst it’s great to have a day to raise awareness of the importance of respecting ‘Mother Earth’, please remember the necessity to do so each and every day. Nature is one of our greatest teachers and as the photo below states: ‘There is no wi-fi in the woods, but you’ll get a better connection!’

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