Garden More – Hurt Less!

O handle I have been trying out a new range of gardening tools this week and I’m impressed.  The Radius range of tools are imported from America by Bruce Renny of Brilliant Garden Products who has bestowed them with the logo, ‘Garden More – Hurt less’.

The NRG range of hand tools have been ergonomically designed to put less stress on the wrist and the unusual handles are easy to get used to and the tools are light and sharp.To quote Elvis Presley, ‘a little less conversation,  a little more action please’ perfectly describes the initial reaction to the range of Pro-lite digging tools.

Their eye catching ‘O’ handles meant that jaws got more exercise than anything else to begin with but when they did get put through their paces they performed well.  Have a look yourself at

From Lynne Allbutt’s Green Scene column for the Western Mail 7th Oct 2011

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