Brand New Brassica

6a01156fa075f4970c0120a8c88232970b2A UK supermarket recently announced that will be selling the first new vegetable for nearly ten years and the good news is that you can grow your own.  Described as a flower-like Brussel sprout, the Petit Posy brassica seed is available from (online or from their 2010 seed catalogue) at just £2.99 per packet.  The brand new vegetable looks like a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale but tastes more like spring greens.

The loose buttons are easily picked of the stems and are delicious and nutritious, perfect in stir fries or as a steamed veg.   Extremely winter hardy, Petit Posy can be sown from late March through until early June providing delicious crops from mid November through until the New Year.


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