Beachy Bank Holiday, Pot Luck & Mad World

Taken from Lynne’s weekly column ‘Green Scene’ for the Western Mail. 26th August 2017 Leaf_Para_DividerBeachy Bank Holiday

Crikey, it’s the last bank Holiday before the Christmas this weekend, so enjoy it whatever you decide to do, be it work in the garden, relax in the garden or get the hell away from the garden!

I highly recommend a beach, and there is a beach to suit everyone in Wales, whether you want peace and quiet or Punch and Judy!  

And of course, earlier this year, a Welsh beach beat Spain’s Costa del Sol and the picturesque Greek Islands to be voted the best beach in Europe.

Swansea’s Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula was the only European beach voted onto Suitcase Magazine’s world top 10 list with tropical paradises in Panama, Hawaii, Brazil, the Philippines and Miami’s iconic South Beach among the other top picks.  

Yogi and I love the beach (see pic) but it’s worth remembering that not all beaches are dog-friendly at this time of year.  To check before you take your four-legged friend out for the day, visit

Pot Luck

Houseplants are making a come back, so I am told! Apparently their popularity waned as people wanted more minimalistic and cleaner looking houses – more madness, if you ask me.  But now people are realising the benefits of lush green plants sharing their living spaces.

Burgon & Ball is putting houseplants centre stage this autumn, with the launch of an inspirational new collection of indoor pots.  That’s bound to help with plant popularity.

With the lush jungle look a strong theme in interiors, at the moment, houseplants are now making design headlines.

Their range includes pots in a choice of colours, finishes and sizes, so there’s the perfect pot for every room and every plant. And to make life easy, these pots have been created to fit the most popular sizes of houseplants sold in garden centres, so you don’t even need to re-pot your new prize plant.

The range includes unique hanging pots with a cool, contemporary feel, making it easy to get the latest look. With a strong natural leather cord, these hanging pots feature striking textures, colours, and glaze effects in muted shades, perfectly complementing the ‘Scandi’ style. (See pic)

There are also glazed pots in a range of gorgeous colours and styles, with beautiful textured designs and an on-trend artisan appearance. Celebrating the rich heritage of ceramics in the regions they’re named after, the ‘Barcelona’, ‘Tuscany’ and ‘Porto’ pots are all available with a choice of size and colour, from calm neutrals to the splash of a vibrant accent shade.

And for something different, the new collection includes quirky cactus vases; just the thing to add character for a unique flower arrangement. Available in large or small designs, these eye-catching vases make a real style statement and are sure to hit the right note with fans of these very striking plants.

These pots make a perfect gift not just for green-fingered loved ones, but for every stylish home. All designs in this new collection are now available from good garden centres, gift outlets and 
Mad World

Interesting to read this week that a gardener who had worked on a property for decades was let go when it was taken over by the National Trust – because he did not have the necessary qualifications.

The gardener looked after the grass, using a ride on mower and strimmer as necessary, but was told by the  National Trust, as soon as they took over the property, that ‘he couldn’t do it any longer because he didn’t have any degrees or anything’.

Apparently over 50 years of experience didn’t count for anything.

Personally, I would have taken great delight in telling them where to stick their mower. And their strimmer.

The older I get the dafter I think the world is getting, or rather the people in it. And I am always reminded of a saying my Nan used often, “Common sense isn’t so common.”

It also reminded me of a chat I had with comedian Dave Spikey a few years ago.  He had rescued a few ex-battery hens who now had the run of his semi-detached garden.  One day he had a visit from a fella from the Environmental Health Agency who asked to see his chickens following a complaint. Dave was mortified as he thought he was being accused of ill treating them.  The ‘official’, a little embarrassed, told him that it had nothing to do with the health of the hens but that a neighbour had complained that one of the chickens had been watching him ‘in a threatening manner’ through the fence.

I’m not sure which was the worse – that actual complaint or the fact that it was followed up!

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