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    Gaping Gill Thrill

    I am not afraid of being afraid, in fact I quite enjoy it in smallish amounts. It reminds me that I am still alive, and more importantly that I have the desire to keep it [...]

Top Talk Interviews …

  • Garden Adventures with Ben Fogle

    Adventurer, writer and TV presenter, Ben Fogle describes himself as ‘very green fingered’ and explains, “I enjoy gardening much more than I get to do it at the moment.  I live in central London so [...]
  • Ria Jones On Stage and On Deck(ing)!

    Well known Welsh performer Ria Jones not only designed her London terrace garden but also worked alongside her Dad to build it. “One minute I’m on the Albert Hall stage, the next I’ve got my [...]
  • Green Trends

    As the deputy editor of Horticulture Week and editor of Garden Retail, Matthew Appleby has his green finger on the pulse of Horticultural trends.  “I think growing your own veg has peaked,” he shares. “It’s [...]