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Do feel free to have a good look around – I like to think my website is like a well-designed garden – you can’t see it all from one place.  It will also contain the things you expect to find … and a few things that will probably surprise you – that is the joy of exploration. 


So have a wander around, click on things and generally explore and hopefully, also like a great garden, you will leave feeling inspired, full of ideas and smiling. 

Weatherman Walking on the BBC

I was delighted to be invited to lead a barefoot walk through and around my beautiful hometown of Crickhowell, for the BBC's Weatherman Walking.

As well as sharing our stunning scenery, I am always keen to walk in the mountains, and talk about the benefits of going beyond your perceived limits.

"Everything you've ever wanted is just a step or two outside of your comfort zone."

Watch it on iPlayer here.

Rogues Gallery

Top Talk Interviews …

  • In for a Penny ….

    Journalist, broadcaster and novelist Penny Smith is as busy as ever.  She is currently standing in for Claudia Winkleman on Radio 2’s Art Show, whilst Claudia hosts Strictly Come Dancing, in her own words, “brewing [...]
  • The Simply Brilliant, Beth Chatto OBE

    Described as ‘undoubtedly the most influential British gardener of the last half-century,’  Beth Chatto OBE, together with her husband Andrew, are  renowned  for shaping the way we garden.  It may sound obvious now but they pioneered [...]
  • The Cockney Reject Embracing The Good Life

    The Cockney Rejects, Mick and Jeff Geggus, are the stars of a feature length documentary, ‘East End Babylon’, which will be shown at Cardiff Odeon on 8 November. I caught up with Mick last week [...]


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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lynne

1 – She is a member of MENSA; in the top 1% with an IQ of 155.

2 – She has a motorbike licence and also a chainsaw certificate.

3 – She has raised over 40K for Charity.

4 – She has run the London and Reykjavik marathon, done a wing walk and a parachute jump.

5 – She practises Transcendental Meditation.

6 – Was voted the ‘Sexiest Outdoor Worker in Wales’.

7 – Is an RHS Medal winner.

8 – Is the only person to have run the width of Wales – barefoot.

9 – Handed a copy of her charity calendar to Prince Charles.

10 – Has 2 pet pigs and is a beekeeper.